Board Membership

Sponsoring Board membership consists of dedicated church members and community partners, some of whom were former parents of the Head Start program.

Board members contribute to the success of the program through the following:

  • Identifying and developing resources to augment Federal funds
  • Visiting or volunteering in classrooms and other program activities
  • Establishing mentoring programs which match Governing Body members with members of the policy groups or other interested individuals
  • Obtaining feedback from parents and community members about the quality of services provided by SACFS

The Sponsoring Board meets once a month to plan and review program activities.

If you are interested in becoming a board member at SACFS, contact Dr. Danette L. Brown at

Rev. Monroe Yoder, Board Chairperson
Tolu Oluwole, Board Member
Doris Perkins, Board Member

Ethel Pannell -  Co-Chairperson

Shannon N Collins – Member

Imanuel Yaw Afful-Yamoah, CFE, CIA, MBA. -  Member

Steve Rodriguez - Member


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